Bzart Lambiek 2012

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Bzart Lambiek 2012

Oud Beersel Bzart Kriekenlambiek - Bzart Kriekenlambiek Millésime
BZART KRIEKENLAMBIEK originates from the merger of two glorious traditions, i.e. the ‘Méthode Traditionnelle’ (traditional method) for sparkling wines and the spontaneous fermentation Lambic beers. The result is a natural, sparkling cherry lambic of Belgian origin.
Traditional Kriekenlambiek is a spontaneous fermentation beer: Sour cherries are added to the Lambic beer which is the oldest of the still existing Belgian beers that probably originated around the year 1300.The “Kriekenlambiek Oud Beersel” which serves as a basis for the BZART Kriekenlambiek contains 400 g of cherries per litre undergoing fermentation in Lambic beer for six months.
This kriekenambiek is then bottled by adding the “liqueur de tirage” (tirage liqueur) consisting of sparkling wine yeast and sugar for the second fermentation. The beer then ages in bottles for at least nine months before its final maturation according to the “Méthode Traditionnelle”.
Through this process fine carbon dioxide develops, is maintained in the bottle and causes the Lambic beer to become effervescent. By applying “remuage” (riddling) and “dégorgement” (disgorging) the present yeast sediments are removed from the bottle.
A characteristic feature of Bzart Lambiek is that there is no sweetening, so no “liqueur d’expédition” (shipment liquor) is added before corking and applying the muselet onto the bottle. This results in a sparkling BRUT kriekenlambiek with an overwhelming palette of tastes.
BZART KRIEKENLAMBIEK. Its taste and aftertaste are quite “fraîcheur” (fresh). The nice almond flavours make you remember the real ‘kriekentaart’ (cherry pie) of the good old days. It is a delicious aperitif and perfect to pair with dark chocolate preparations, blue-veined cheese, duck, game and all preparations with almonds. Bzart Kriekenlambiek is mentioned on the menu of renowned restaurants

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