Gueuze Selection Lambic 1999

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5.2% | 75 cl

Belle-Veu - Gueuze Selection Lambic 1999

País: Bélgica

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Barcelona, Badalona, Sant Adrià, El Prat, Hospitalet, Sant Just, Cornellà, Sant Joan Despí

Gueuze Selection Lambic 1999

Unique & rare vintage bottle from 1999 for the lambic collector !

This Selection Lambic from 1999 despite what you would think doesn't taste like vinegar, in those 20 years from its release the flavors have developed to become a refined sour with young woody notes. 

This is a real treat for lambic lovers. A 1999 vintage gueuze from the Belle-Vue brewery. This is recognized as the final traditional brew from this brewery after the original owners had passed away and their children sold the brewery to Interbrew (later to become ABI).

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