3 Fonteinen - Pruim Mirabelle (season 21|22) Blend No. 21

Pruim Mirabelle (season 21|22) Blend No. 21

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7.3% | 75 cl

3 Fonteinen - Pruim Mirabelle (season 21|22) Blend No. 21

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bottling date: 21/01/2022

For this Pruim, we macerated fresh picked-to-ripeness sweet Mirabelle plums.

Maceration took a tad over four months. For both maceration and blending, we used over 90% of old lambics, both two-, three- and four-year old. The weighted average of this blend upon bottling is therefore almost 25 months.

The final fruit intensity is 304 grams of plums per litre of finished Pruim. The largest part of the fourteen brews used comes from smaller barrels and are 3 Fonteinen-brewed. Of those, more than 1/3 were brewed with Pajottenland grown cereals.

NL 3 Fonteinen Pruim is de trage maceratie van handgeplukte volle (bak)pruimen op traditionele lambik. Zonder toegevoegde sappen, siropen of zoetstoffen. Ongefilterd. Ongepasteuriseerd.

FR 3 Fonteinen Pruim est la lente macération de prunes ou quetsches entières, ceuillies à main, dans du lambic traditionnel. Sans jus, sirops ou édulcorants ajoutés. Non filtré. Non pasteurisé.

EN 3 Fonteinen Pruim is the slow and all-natural maceration of hand-picked whole plums or zwetschgen on traditional lambic. No addition of juices, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised.

3 Fonteinen

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